"The Morgan" A Young Stallion

"The Morgan" A Young Stallion

By Keith Allen Johnson

The Morgan sculpture will only be offered in solid bronze at $5,000 US.

The Morgan is one of the earliest horse breeds developed in the United States. Tracing back to the foundation sire Figure, later named Justin Morgan after his best-known owner, Morgans’ served many roles in 19th-century American history, being used as coach horses and for harness racing, as general riding animals, and as cavalry horses during the American Civil War on both sides of the conflict.

In the creation of “The Morgan” the sculptor set out to capture the strength and beauty of a young stallion. Here in this amazing sculptural masterpiece “The Morgan” stands tall and confident, he is unbreakable and free!

“The Morgen" sculpture is expertly cast in bonded resin with your choice of color finish. Available in Bronze, Silver and Marble.

“The Morgan" sculpture is only available in solid bronze.