"Henry Morrison Flagler" Bust

"Henry Morrison Flagler" Bust

By Keith Allen Johnson

Henry Morrison Flagler is best known for his development of Florida’s east coast. He was responsible for building the Florida East Coast Railway from Daytona to Key West. Flagler made a significant contribution to Florida’s economy through hotel construction, tourism and agriculture. Flagler had some early success in the grain business. Then he joined John D. Rockefeller to found Standard Oil in 1870. In two years, Standard Oil was leading the U.S. oil industry.

With the creation of the “Henry Morrison Flagler” Bust the sculptor has created a true art treasure that is heralded as the most life like sculpture of Flagler ever created!

The “Henry Morrison Flagler" Bust is expertly cast in bonded resin with your choice of color finish. Available in Bronze or Nickle.

The "Henry Morrison Flagler” Bust is also available in solid bronze at $18,000 US. To special order in bronze call the studio at: 678-897-7290.