"I see the details in everything"

   From an early age I’ve always been inspired and interested by the details I see in everything. Details in everything from people to nature, to architecture and product design, to everything I see, I see deeper.


   This visual gift has guided me in the creative process and has become a central part of who I am as a sculptor. These details represent many things for me like the special features I see in the faces of the many portrait sculptures I’ve create.  Details that at first glance appear to be subtle or hidden but with a gifted eye are suddenly captured and now appear with great beauty and strength.


   From the beginning of my career till now I have set out to capture the spirit and the likeness of my portraits and figurative works in heroic proportion. Heroic not just in size alone but in the strength of composition and design. Heroic and striking in detail and craftsmanship. Because I have come to understand that my talents are a gift from God, I seek to honor Him in all of my sculptural works.


--Keith Allen Johnson, Sculptor

The Jack Kelly Bust

Agganis Arena Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts